Meet the Team

Doug & Sheri Studanski - Store Owners

Doug & Sheri Studanski

Store Owners
Trina Reuss - General Manager

Trina Reuss

General Manager
Jay Reuss - Sales Manager

Jay Reuss

Sales Manager
Scott Selander - Sales

Scott Selander

When not huddled over a hole in the ice holding a fishing rod, Scott Selander is one of our wonderful Sales Representative here at Motor Sports of Willmar. “Hey, I’m Scott Selander. I’m originally from New York Mills, MN and moved to Willmar to work at MSW. The opportunity to talk every day about various powersports vehicles and how to use them makes it an adventure to come into work every day. I am always ready to discuss getting on the water, ice, snow, or off-road terrain with our amazing customers and coworkers. And I may even mention fishing some days. I like meeting so many different kinds of people and helping them find the right vehicle for their needs. Whether that be for the warmer months, colder months or a combination of both, after 19 years of working for MSW, I have a great understanding of what vehicle will best work for you. At MSW, we work as a team to get projects completed, but the ultimate goal is our customer’s satisfaction. We want you to select precisely the right vehicle with exactly the right amount of enhancements to get out into the vast wilderness and have the time of your life. If Scott could have any unit, he would pick an ATV because he could use it year-round for trail riding and ice fishing.
Josh Kjos - Sales

Josh Kjos

My name is Josh Kjos and I am a Sales Representative here at Motor Sports of Willmar. I am happily married with three wonderful children. We enjoy being outside and riding our off-road vehicles and snowmobiles. In the summer we enjoy spending time swimming at the lake. Our fall Sundays are spent going to the cities to cheer on the Vikings!! I truly enjoy the small family atmosphere here at MSW. I feel this transfers over to our customer service. You are not just a number; we appreciate each one of you and want you all to feel like family. Meeting new people is exciting! I love talking to different customers every day and helping them find a unit that accurately fits their needs. I have many years of experience in this industry, which equips me to serve you! When asked what Josh's dream unit would be, he responded, "This is the hardest question, and probably the hardest part of this job. I enjoy seeing all of the new products coming out. I'd like one of everything, but I like my marriage."
Shane Black - Sales

Shane Black

Shane is a Sales Representative at Motor Sports of Willmar. Hi, I'm Shane! I'm a father of two princesses, a Navy veteran, and a huge gym enthusiast. When I'm not singing songs from the movie "Frozen" with my girls, you can find me being competitive in any type of athletic activity. I enjoy the close-knit atmosphere here at MSW. It is uplifting to come to work in such a positive environment where everyone is willing to help each other. I love helping customers find the perfect unit, and knowing that no matter what I sell, I will provide an abundance of memories and big smiles to any family! My dream unit would be a Kawasaki Ninja!
Nicki Gregersen - Business Manager

Nicki Gregersen

Business Manager
One of the incredible employees who makes Motor Sports of Willmar run is our Business Manager, Nicki Gregersen. If you walked into my office, I would tell you I am a happily married mother with three busy children. I love my kids, though they do not leave me much free time! With whatever time I find to myself, I spend it outdoors, reading, and painting. I love Minnesota in the summers! When it’s nice outside, you can find me hanging out by a bonfire on a cool, crisp evening. During the warm summer days, I really enjoy taking my kids to the park or the lake, and we sometimes go mudding! Minnesota is truly amazing in the summers. I love working at Motor Sports of Willmar because of the team I get to work with every day. The employees are knowledgeable, friendly, and work well together. I appreciate that the owners work with the staff every day. I don’t know many people who can say that. In particular, I love my job as Business Manager because I get to meet new people and hear their individual stories. I also like the fast-paced and fun environment. I feel lucky to be on such a great team. I genuinely enjoy helping people. I love assisting customers with finding a payment plan that works for them. It’s my job to make it possible for our friends and customers to purchase the vehicle they desire, and when we get to hand them the keys, that feels awesome. If I could have any vehicle that Motor Sports of Willmar sells, I would choose the Can-Am Outlander X MR 1000. If I had one, I would be hitting the mud as soon as possible!
Kole Haugen - Parts & Accessories

Kole Haugen

Parts & Accessories
My name is Kole Haugen, and I work in the parts and accessories department. I especially enjoy figuring out how things are put together and working with our amazing customers, but I am up to help in any way needed. We have a fantastic team here at Motor Sports of Willmar, so it makes working seem less like work and more like fun. I love my job so much that it often extends into my personal life. I enjoy helping friends with their projects, whether they are repairs or rebuilds. If it involves tinkering with power toys, I’m up for the challenge. Working in the parts department at MSW keeps me up-to-date on all the ways to update, optimize, and fix engines to make them perform best. Outside of work, I love to be out, especially in the summertime. You can mostly catch me playing golf, fishing in the local Minnesota lakes, or riding my pit bike. I also love watching football, and I am a huge movie fanatic. My dream machine, you ask? I would like to have a brand new Kawasaki SXR stand-up jet ski so that I could ride all day long. Come find me in the parts and accessories department here at MSW. I’ll find you the part you need to get you back on the road, snow, or water. I also love to talk power toys and to solve problems, so hit me up with any questions about your ride and we’ll figure it out together.
Rachel Gilliland - Parts & Accessories

Rachel Gilliland

Parts & Accessories
Hi! I'm Rachel Gilliland and I work in the parts and accessories department. My hobbies include riding RZRs and four-wheeling up north with friends and family. I enjoy living in Minnesota because of the different riding it allows us to do. whether it's getting stuck in the snow in our RZR or in the summer when it's nice and hot! But my favorite is enjoying the fall colors on the trails in autumn! I just started getting into radar runs on snowmobiles - up to 110 mph so far! I love working at MSW because it's such a fun environment, and, bonus - who wouldn't want to be surrounded by toys?!
Cody Tjaden - Parts & Accessories

Cody Tjaden

Parts & Accessories
Steve Kirgiss - Mechanic

Steve Kirgiss

Jamie Gilliland - Mechanic

Jamie Gilliland

Nate Antich - Mechanic

Nate Antich

Dan Macziewski - Technician

Dan Macziewski

Brent Schuenke - Lot Technician

Brent Schuenke

Lot Technician
Hello! My name is Brent Scheunke. I am a Lot Technician by trade. I am also married and have older kids that are in high school. Some of my interests are listening to music, and spending time in the water. I particularly love snorkeling, scuba diving, waterskiing, and swimming. I also enjoy watching movies, target shooting, and going to concerts. A couple of subjects I like learning about are astronomy and basic astrophysics. I love to study stars and space. If you ask me what I love about Minnesota, I would have to say the lakes! Obviously, I love being on AND under the water. I also appreciate the level of education of the people in this great State. I love the conversations we have, and that everyone seems to be “Minnesota Nice.” On top of my love for the lakes and people, I love the different seasons here. Whether I’m enjoying winter and all the winter activities the state has to offer, or I’m enjoying the terrain in the summer, I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors in Minnesota. In particular, I love the Lake Superior Northwoods, as well as the state and national parks. I enjoy working for Motor Sports of Willmar because the employees are always willing to help. The team works well together and can solve problems and answer questions patiently. I especially I appreciate my coworkers and the genuinely positive and happy atmosphere at work, as well as the high-quality standards of service. Outside of work, you might find me helping friends who have health issues. I take pleasure in helping others by driving my friends to work, or just around town shopping. When it comes to my dream vehicle, I would choose a Can-Am XDS. If I had one right now, I would ride and ride! You can meet Brent and all our other incredible employees at Motor Sports of Willmar, and see how we can serve you!
Dan Keenan - Lot Technician

Dan Keenan

Lot Technician
The Team -

The Team