Scott Selander

Meet Scott Selander

When not huddled over a hole in the ice holding a fishing rod, Scott Selander is our wonderful Sales Representative here at Motor Sports of Willmar.

“Hey, I’m Scott Selander. I’m originally from New York Mills, MN and moved to Willmar for my dream job in the sales department. The opportunity to talk every day about various powersports vehicles and how to use them makes it an adventure to come into work every day. I am always ready to discuss getting on the water, ice, snow, or off-road terrain with our amazing customers and coworkers. And I may even mention fishing some days.

I like meeting so many different kinds of people and helping them find the right vehicle for their needs. Whether that be for the warmer months, colder months or a combination of both, after 19 years of working for MSW, I have a great understanding of what vehicle will best work for you.

At MSW, we work as a team to get projects completed, but the ultimate goal is our customer’s satisfaction. We want you to select precisely the right vehicle with exactly the right amount of enhancements to get out into the vast wilderness and have the time of your life.

Minnesota is such an amazing place to live with its rugged, wild terrain and vastly different seasons. It’s best explored using the right motor, making it easier and more fun for you, your family, or your buds. You might even find your next fishing hole!”

When you’re looking for an exceptional vehicle, come find Scott and put his powersports expertise to the test. He’s willing to go the extra mile so that you get your dream machine with the exact options you need, and none of the ones that you don’t. And if you happen to end up talking fishing, all the better. Contact Scott now or learn more about MSW.