Kole Haugen

Come in and talk to Kole Haugen about what makes your ride the efficient and powerful machine it is. 

My name is Kole Haugen, and I work in the parts and accessories department. I especially enjoy figuring out how things are put together and working with our amazing customers, but I am up to help in any way needed. We have a fantastic team here at Motor Sports of Willmar, so it makes working seem less like work and more like fun. 

I love my job so much that it often extends into my personal life. I enjoy helping friends with their projects, whether they are repairs or rebuilds. If it involves tinkering with power toys, I’m up for the challenge. Working in the parts department at MSW keeps me up-to-date on all the ways to update, optimize, and fix engines to make them perform best.

Outside of work, I love to be out, especially in the summertime. You can mostly catch me playing golf, fishing in the local Minnesota lakes, or riding my pit bike. I also love watching football, and I am a huge movie fanatic. 

My dream machine, you ask? I would like to have a brand new Kawasaki SXR stand-up jet ski so that I could ride all day long. 

Come find me in the parts and accessories department here at MSW. I’ll find you the part you need to get you back on the road, snow, or water. I also love to talk power toys and to solve problems, so hit me up with any questions about your ride and we’ll figure it out together.

Meet Kole and the rest of the fabulous team, and see all that Motor Sports of Willmar has to offer.