Josh Juven

“Hi, I’m Josh. Come see me at MSW for help with your powersports vehicles. I love hunting, ice-fishing, snowmobiling, and the variety of outdoor activities you can do during Minnesota’s four distinct seasons. When I’m not in the shop managing your power equipment service needs, you’ll usually find me outside, tinkering with equipment, talking about power sports, or having fun with my family.

Motor Sports of Willmar is a friendly and fun work environment. I enjoy coming to work every day, and I’ll be happy to talk to you about power sports and vehicles all day long. There are so many awesome options available that choosing my favorite machine is impossible. I’m currently a big fan of the RZR Turbo S. It’s the best all-year machine, in my opinion. Stop by, and I’ll tell you why.

We’re a bunch of outdoor sports enthusiasts here at Motor Sports of Willmar. We love what we do, and we enjoy helping our customers get outside to experience the thrill of a powerful machine transporting them through the landscape. If your ride needs servicing, or you need an upgrade, come see me at MSW. Our crew will get you back on the road, water, or snow in no time.”

You’ll find Josh in our service department at Motor Sports of Willmar. He’ll make sure you experience exceptional care and that your equipment is in top shape. With his expertise in all types of powersports vehicles, Josh understands what work is essential for the safety and reliability of your machine. And he’ll let you know what is safe to hold off on for a while if needed. He has connections throughout the Twin Cities area to get you deals on parts, and he will work with you to make sure you understand and approve your service requests. You can trust Josh to give you a fair deal and to be honest about price and repairs. Learn more about MSW or contact us today.