Brent Schuenke

Hello! My name is Brent Scheunke. I am a Lot Technician by trade. I am also married and have older kids that are in high school. 

Some of my interests are listening to music and water activities. I particularly love snorkeling, scuba diving, waterskiing, and swimming. I also enjoy watching movies, target shooting, and going to concerts. A couple of subjects I like learning about are astronomy and basic astrophysics. I love to study stars and space.

If you ask me what I love about Minnesota, I would have to say the lakes! Obviously, I love being on AND under the water. I also appreciate the level of education of the people in this great State. I love the conversations we have, and that everyone seems to be “Minnesota Nice.”

On top of my love for the lakes and people, I love the different seasons here. Whether I’m enjoying winter and all the winter activities the state has to offer, or I’m enjoying the terrain in the summer, I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors in Minnesota. In particular, I love the Lake Superior Northwoods, as well as the state and national parks.

I enjoy working for Motor Sports of Willmar because the employees are always willing to help. The team works well together and can solve problems and answer questions patiently. I especially I appreciate my coworkers and the genuinely positive and happy atmosphere at work, as well as the high-quality standards of service.

Outside of work, you might find me helping friends who have health issues. I take pleasure in helping others by driving my friends to work, or just around town shopping.

When it comes to my dream vehicle, I would choose a Can-Am XDS. If I had one right now, I would ride and ride!

You can meet Brent and all our other incredible employees at Motor Sports of Willmar, and see how we can serve you!